115-meter house with a garden and swimming pool in the Karkonosze Mountains

Who run this place:

Aneta Mielczarek - owner

It is Aneta who is responsible for creating this wonderful place, friendly to dog-loving people. Her heart and passion for animals can be seen everywhere in our facility.

Michalina Ossowska - right hand

Helps manage the facility and is responsible for all organizational matters. Sometimes you can meet her on the other end of the phone, especially if you are a foreign customer, and you need to talk in English.

Aneta Maciaś - left hand

Responsible for all topics related to customer service and social media. It is Aneta who most often responds to your e-mail inquiries, reservations and telephone calls. Once you are there, Aneta will give you a virtual tour of the facility and help you in any difficult situation.


Now you know, who run this place. We are here for you. You can call us, email us or send a text via What’s up. 

If you are interested in more about Przesieka and what we offer, go to amenities or history.